We like to think of Villa Ormaneto as a place where to experience joyous moments, thanks to many initiatives that value personal wellness and local culture.

Whether it’s a cooking class with our Chef, a Wine Tasting session or a course dedicated to wellness in the secular park, each experience is created with the aim of reintroducing our guests to slower times in a familiar and jovial way, in a context belonging to the cultural heritage of the community.

Gourmet picnic in the park

Conviviality and taste in contact with nature: Villa Ormaneto offers the experience of an exclusive picnic in our park, where colours are punctuated by the seasons, each with its own beauty, and secular, extravagant Caucasian wingnuts stand out imposingly. A special moment to experience good food outdoor in an alternative way.

Cooking Class

Live the experience of spending a few hours in the kitchen of the Villa Ormaneto restaurant together with our chef, to learn the basics and flavours of the authentic Veronese cuisine. You will have the opportunity to get your hands in the dough (figuratively and literally, in our bread!), learn step by step the recipe of four typical dishes of a delicious tasting menu and, at the end of the lesson, enjoy them in conviviality.

Amarone experience

The best way to get to know our territory is through the tasting of Amarone, the most representative, loved and known wine of the Veronese area: treat yourself to a unique moment to savor our fine selection.

Villa Ormaneto

Initiatives and experiences made to enhance people and territory

Yoga practice

Villa Ormaneto offers you the opportunity of a private yoga practice, individually or as a couple, to find harmony in the peace and tranquillity of our secular park. It is a moment of well-being to come back to ourselves through introspection and breathing, in the awareness that all we need is already within us.

Food tour in the Veronese countryside

Villa Ormaneto is at the heart of a specific territory with unique characteristics, which are also found in local products and traditional flavours. Discovering a place through the sense of taste will make it unforgettable. We offer you the opportunity to organize an exclusive and personalized food tour to get to know the manufacturers, the stories, the folkloristic traditions and the artisans of taste who share our same values ​​and live in this countryside around us.

Dog school

There is nothing better than sharing holidays with your four-legged friend. Villa Ormaneto is open to dogs too, which we consider welcome guests and love to see running around. We are always available to recommend places or spaces to walk or relax with your dog and we offer you the experience of sharing a special moment in our park with your furry friend and a dog trainer.